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Arkadia 2010

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Feltarbeid i Arkadia - Norwegian Arcadia Survey. Part II. Sites and Marginal Landscapes.

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Report for the archaeological fieldwork conducted in 2010.

The Norwegian Arcadia Survey Part II (NAS 2) conducted archaeological fieldwork in the period 07.06 – 18.06.2009. The participants were Hege Agathe Bakke-Alisøy (the project manager) and Nils Ole Sundet. Our work was this year funded by the Norwegian Institute at Athens and the Inger R. Haldorsens fund. 


In our application we gave an outline for this year’s season. We had planned three short field seasons. We had some problems with our funding this year and were force to reduce the activity. We choose then to focus on studying the archaeological material collected during the fieldwork in 2008 and 2009 as well as some reconnaissance. 


In the period from the 7th to the 18th of June we were two archaeologists working in Tegea for the (NAS 2). The main focus was to create a good database for analyzing the archaeological material as well as document as much as possible of the material. We this
year chose to mainly work with the prehistoric material. It was then the material from the two sites Chairolimnes and Psili Vrisi – Vationa that were analyzed. Both these sites were previously registered by the English archaeologist Roger Howell. It was thus interesting to see how our material would fit his descriptions. The overall impression is that our survey has resulted in an expansion of both sites both in chronology and actual size. This work is however not yet concluded.


Along with the work with the archaeological material we also had one day of reconnaissance. We had some information that there were ancient remains on the slope of the mountains southeast of the modern village Psili Vrisi, in an area called Mirmingofolies.

The English archaeologist Roger Howell registered here a site dated to the early Helladic and mentioned that there possibly had been tombs there (Howell 1970:93). Just below this place there is small plain named Ag. Dimitrios and there is said to be remains of a church there. Both these areas are situated next to a dirt track that leads up to a mountain pass called Skala.

Analysing finds - handles 2010
View to the Doliana Valley

In the area of Mirmingofolies there was little finds, but some on the road just below, all clearly prehistoric. Walking down towards Ag, Dimitrios the amount of finds increased and in one parts of the area were scattered with small cairns surrounded with finds. On the small plain, or hilltop, of Ag. Dimitrios the visibility was low, but still much finds. All these finds were of a newer date than those near Mirmingofolies. A date to the Medieval Age or Early Historic period is thus likely. Both these sites were poorly documented both concerning their localisation as well as dating.
Our short reconnaissance has, however, shown the good potential that these sites have for further investigation.

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